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Great for big beards

Perfect thing for warm, humid days. Great control while leaving it soft

Like the beard wash

Great scent. Not over powering. Instant reminder of a barbershop

Like pomade for your beard

Great control without the stiffness

Top of the Line

House fan of the minty scent. Works in beard well without the greasy feeling

Barbary Beard Wash

Pleasant scent. Doesn't leave your beard with that "stiff,dry" feeling


Oh man, I love this one! I am a big fan of cologne scented beard oils and this one checks all the boxes for me. Looking forward to more cologne scented oils from Savage Mane.

Mountain man!

I was a little hesitant before buying this scent profile.

But it has grown on me. My wife tells me I smell I have been making smores all night which is a good thing in her opinion. Good job with this one team!

NEVER DIsappoints

Travo is by far the most rugged masculine scent on the line. You risk possible cougar attacks daily when using it. So beware of its power when you're out in public. Additionally, big store shelf brands seem to just lay on your beard and make an oily, greasy mess. Savagemane products noticeably soak into you skin and beard and keep your manscape top notch. ALWAYS.

Should have never strayed glad to be back

Picked up a bunch of these awesome products a few years back at Bedford Fall Foliage Festival, husband went out of town for work with no shipping address so he bought store stuff and just dealt with the problems and kept buying the garbage store stuff, this time when he was almost out of that stuff I made the comment why not let me just order the good stuff because we both know it was much better plus they are a semi local small business. So, he had me order everything and he has been telling everyone he is working with how great it is and how much better his face and beard are feeling.


It smells great, feels great and I am around the corner so I got it ASAP. Great stuff!

Great Beard Oil

I went to a new barber and he asked if I use beard oil; I told him I have in the past but nothing I used ever seemed to make much difference. He suggested that I should be using something; so I asked him if he had any recommendations. He said that Savage Mane is the stuff he using. I took his recommendation mostly because he could’ve easily just sold me on some product that is sold at the barbershop that he works for but he recommended Savage Mane a company that he’s not sponsored by nor is he a ambassador for. I order two different scents and they’ve both been great. The customer service and professionalism has been impeccable and as of right now I’ll be a long time customer. If you’re interested in trying out some beard oil I would suggest giving Savage Mane a try I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Another Touchdown!

KC, you have done it again! I’ve been with you for several years now and have tried everything you have masterminded. I have loved, liked some, and have not liked some. For the summer my go to is Barberry by far…..this is until now. I just received my Selati last Saturday. This past Monday morning I thought I’d give it a try. All I have to say is WOW!! That scent is amazing. Feels like I’m at the beach, sitting with my toes in the sand, and having a beverage! Now I’m having trouble as to what I should put on every morning….lol. Keep up the great work! Joe

Best Summer scent

As another user said, this is unlike any other summer scent I've tried. Most are fruity and coconuty and that is OK, but Selati is a unique take on summer. It is clean and invigorating and I hope that is becomes permanent or at least comes back every summer. Amazing work, Savage, and I am looking forward to your other seasonal scents.
(This would make a superb scent for a beard and/or body wash).


Just got this beard was in a few days ago and it is absolutely phenomenal. Leaves my beard feeling clean, nourished and super soft. Definitely recommend.

Spicy tobacco vanilla

Again another one of a kind scent from savage mane, it’s unlike most Tobacco vanilla beard oils I think, most remind me of a kinda of root beer float type scent but this is a more spicy scent, one of my top tobacco vanilla oils for sure.

Clean fresh scent

This is unlike all the other summer scents I have seen from other companies, in a good way, I haven’t found a summer scent that I have liked, most are very flowery or fruity but this has a very nice clean scent, almost like a barber shop scent with a pleasant twist.

A new favorite

Loving this new scent. Clean and fresh, settles in nicely. This will be added to my rotation with Apex and Savannah.

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Adrian Clayton
Typical, great products and great service

Feel bad for guys that don't know about Savage Mane

The best at… everything!

This is the best product I have used on my beard by far. The hold is great and the smell is just as good. I had a hiccup with the butter and contacted Kevin because it had gotten hot in the delivery process. He instructed me on how to salvage it and it works perfect! If you haven’t ordered from SM, do your beard a favor and order!

Awesome products, awesome business!

I pretty much only use Savage Mane for my beard now. Best oils out there, and I've tried quite a few.


Bay rum sold out fast. There's good reason for that. This is a fresh and amazing scent.

Bonfire James Bonfire

I love the smokey scent and these balms are among the best. Too bad they are discontinuing.

Got the whole set

I got the whole set, including the mustache wax. This is a great scent to use after a pine tar soap shower.

So Fresh

This and Barbary might be my two favorites, as the fresh scents can be worn at any time, but especially in the hotter seasons.

James Bonfire

Great smokey scent.