Two Sided Sandalwood Beard Comb

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Wooden combs are beneficial for your beard in a few ways. First, they do not create static that will cause your beard to puff out or damage your hair. Second, most are either saw or laser cut, eliminating “flash” between the teeth. When making plastic molded combs, flash is created when plastic is injected into the molds and seeps out between the two pieces. This creates sharp edges and seams (the flash) between every tooth that damages hair, causes split ends, and even pulls out your hair. If you have a common black plastic comb, look in between the teeth and you’ll see what we’re  talking about. Wooden combs are also easier on your skin as opposed to the sharp teeth of their plastic counterparts, and they spread the oils out more evenly as well.


  • Creates zero static 
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Will not snag or damage hair
  • Spreads oil or balm evenly throughout your beard
  • Perfect size for a pocket comb ( We recommend a front pocket) 


  • Made of Sandalwood
  • Easy to use
  • Smoky scent
  • Double sided for multiple stages of beard growth
  • Durable

 (Each comb varies in appearance due to the natural variations of the wood)

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Serra

Beautiful wood grain. Smell nice. Very masculine

Chris F
Great Comb

Somewhere along the way of getting bearded, I amassed a collection of beard combs, and decided I'd keep collecting. I'm glad I did, because I just got my Savage Mane Sandalwood comb. It is a familiar design, but it has the weight and color of high quality sandalwood (I have a whole range of cheap to high quality ones and would place this one firmly in the high quality camp). It's also got the cool Savage logo and a nice case. I recommend this comb if you use Savage Mane.

Chris Cubbage
Love it!

The perfect comb for your beard, fits nicely in your pocket and works the best on my beard I'll never buy another brush.

AWEsome comb!!!

Picked up one of these combs from KC during the Bedford Fall Festival about 3 years ago. One of the best if not THE best comb I have used during my beard journey. I also have fairly decent long hair and use this to comb my hair with as well with minimal to no breakage. If you have not picked up one of these combs,I highly recommended you do so. 🤘🏻


Love this comb - when I broke my first one I jumped right on here to buy another. Quick shipping and quality product as always!