This beard oil feels and smells amazing. It gives a great shine on your beard and overall just makes your beard feel great. I personally love anything mint and the peppermint smell is amazing. 

My beard was itching like crazy and after contacting SMBC for some advice, I ordered the Apex beard oil. It shipped very quickly and I immediately opened it and put it on. The itching went away as soon as I put the oil on. 

The fact that only high quality organic ingredients are used gives you assurance that you're not putting some unknown crap on your face. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a beard oil.

Ernie Jenkins

You're not going to find anything better than this product as far as balms are concerned. Plain and simple. My favorite quality of the Apex Balm outside of its great smell and smoothing affect it has on your beard is that it's actually made my beard grow healthier, faster and thicker. KC gives his company such a welcoming and personal touch that when you purchase something from him or even show interest in Savage Mane you feel like you're apart of this awesome company that this man has developed. Don't waste your time or money with stuff available in stores or else where (I've done that). Like I said, this is the best you can get. Truthfully.

Justin Hill

I've tried and used many different brands of beard balms, of which I've liked many, and disliked many. This beard balm is just simply fantastic. 

Has a great smell, not too powerful but just that right amount to enjoy it through out the day. 

Application is as easy as buttering a slice of toast. Melts in the palm with ease, and applies without any issues. 

Love the scent, the product and the application, would buy again and recommend it to all beardsmiths!


Luke Ryb

I've tried several different waxes and while there are others that have been decent this wax from SMBC is hands down the best hold I have found for my stache. Super firm hold, and the Savannah scent is nice and not overly strong. Warning to first time wax users, warm thoroughly between fingers before applying or its gonna pull. Highly recommend this if your live somewhere warm, it stands up to the heat very well.

John Mejia

This beard oil brought my hope down when I received it and tried it the first time... SIKE!!!! Shoot this beard oil is one of my best beard oils on my shelf! The texture is smooth. The smell is outstanding! Like a minty flavor to me. It's just an itchy solver! I told my dad to smell it and he even likes it and always asks me if he can borrow some for his little goatee. 

Shipping was legit awesome! I love the sticker! The slogan and picture just make the company look professional. It's the only beard oil that stands out from my five sets of beard oil.

I highly recommend this beard oil to anybody! Worth every cent.

Arturo Rocha Jr.

Let’s be honest. Yeah we’re men with badass beards, but that doesn’t mean we like having shit stuck under our nails. This pick not only ups your style quotient, but is extraordinarily practical. Scoop out your wax, balm, or whatever else would normally wreak havoc on your cuticles, then conveniently slap the magnetic pic back on the lid. Can’t lose it. Can’t beat it. Get one.


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